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Solvaction is an independent business lawfirm offering a new approach to client-lawyer relations: Solving clients' problems through Action. By being proactive, hands-on, dedicated and available to clients at all times, Solvaction's lawyers anticipate client needs (legal, but also financial, strategic and organizational) and contribute to the success of the transactions they follow. This approach is based on the knowledge of our clients’ business, taking into account of the parties' situations, the main lines of argument in a negotiation, the political context of a case, etc. Understanding, anticipating and innovating are the core values we put at the service of our clients.
Our expertise applies to mergers and acquisitions, private equity, stock exchange transactions, as well as litigation on these matters.

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The approach is thus intended to be a co-production, starting as early as possible, because it is by defining the needs that we can already see the best structure it induces from a legal, strategic or tax point of view. If the deal makes sense, Solvaction's lawyers assist the client throughout the process, relying on the skills of experts in related fields if necessary. The action also requires taking into account changes during the transaction, whether in its contentious nature or in the positions of the stakeholders (dual track, carve-out, spin-off, etc.). 
In order to meet the needs of our clients, the Firm's remuneration takes the form of a fixed fee for each phase of the intervention, allowing for a readability and security of financial commitments as the transaction progresses.

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Solvaction advises its clients in England, Wales, Nothern Ireland and France. The Firm's clients are British or international and are mainly listed or unlisted companies, industrials, investment funds, financial institutions and groups of shareholders.

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